E Z U means Echo, Voice, Tone. 
The tone of the African landscape with its multiple colors from Savannah to rain forest; the voice of its music and songs; the Echo of its presence all over the world.

Africa is a colorful and warm land where the happiness and laughter of its people echo everywhere. In Africa, colorful fabrics with different tones that spread the African history and culture are manufactured.
We choose to dedicate our brand to Africa and use its fabrics, full of stories, to join them up with our european culture to design contemporary collections that can echo Africa’s joy all over the world.
This project came together from the different backgrounds of the two EZU owners. Paula Azevedo is a fashion designer, with many years dedicated to math and technology. Margarida Bajanca is an economist, spent all her professional life in consulting, which took her to frequent trips to Angola, where she has also lived as a child. Merging Margarida’s taste for the African culture and way of living with Paula’s skills was just a natural way to move forward.
Through fashion, we want to promote the sustainability of more families in Africa and, at the same time, spread its culture to all countries where we want to take our brand.
We purchase most of our fabrics in Angola, some of them coming from countries such as Gana, Ivory Coast or Nigeria, so we can contribute to the wealth of people who raise their families with the production and sales of fabrics.
Our clothes are hand sewed in Portugal and Angola, where we already have a few sewers working with us, making our contribution to local employment. Our focus is on producing high quality clothes that are durable and can be worn over time.