About us

The concept of E Z U came about through a clash of concepts.

Margarida, during countless work-trips to Angola, where she also spent part of her childhood, fell in love with the people and their cheerfulness, so well reflected and present in the bright coloured fabrics she’s collected over the years, 

And Paula, who over the last few years decided to fully embrace her creative side and graduate with a bachelors in Fashion Design, leaving behind her career in math and information management. 

To the friendship we’ve shared for decades, we’ve added the joy of working with such breathtaking colourful fabrics and so we’ve decided to work together to create a brand that represented both our passions.

Where each piece was created, drawn, debated ... built by us so that other could wear it proudly and thus honour Africa and it’s vast culture.

Together, we created E Z U. Through it we strive to provide means of sustainability and development in Africa and spred their culture to all countries we hope to reach with our collections. 


I’m a consultant  and proud mother of 2 young adults. 

Africa has always fascinated me and EZU is my way of sharing it with the world through fashion. As a child, I lived in Angola in two occasions, and over the last 8years I have returned many times not only for work but also for pleasure.

I love travelling learn about all the places that I visit, enjoy happy family moments  and I'm also a runner. I dedicate some of my time to social projects, in particular to the Pirâmide World Foundation and to Associação PWF Portugal. So, it’s incredibly important to me that through our brand we contribute to sustainability while improving people’s living conditions in Africa.


I’m a happy mother of 3 children and loving owner of a happy little troublemaking beagle.

Thinking of my favourites things in life, besides my family and travelling as much as I can, I love any kind of art and crafts.

That's why I find the African fabrics so appealing, its fabulous colours and rich patterns or their texture and raw design are exciting and a true challenge to me. I like to study the history and digging into their origins, mixing patterns, and rehearsing with different textile techniques. I like to think that I can create beautiful clothes that could be wearable for a long time.


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