Our current collection

The brand basic concept define the use of African fabrics alone, or combined with western fabrics.
In this first collection, a combination of "cloths" and "vichy" was chosen, which is a cotton fabric with a grid pattern in white and another colour such as black, blue, red or others.
This idea resulted from our initial research on Angolan art. Some of Guillerme Mampuya Wola's paintings that show spaces filled with a black and white, or red and white, grid have attracted our attention and led us to associate them with the typical "vichy" pattern of the 1950s in the United States and Europe.
Some of his paintings also show the zebras that led to the choice of a second pattern of stripes, in white combined with another color, on cotton fabric.
Thus, inspired by the "vichy"  15 combined outfits were created with silhouettes and shapes characteristic of the 50s and early 60s.
Belted tops with round or stole neckline, without collar or with some of the typical collars of that time such as peter pan collars, candy collars, or structured collars, for example.
A-line dresses. Long dresses and wide skirts. 
Capri trousers.
This collection style has a combination between the classic models and the colours and patterns of large designs and bright colours of African fabrics.


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